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What is ADHD Coaching?

def . ADHD Coaching (ICF/ADDCA/PAAC definitions):

  • a collaborative partnership between the coach & client

  • founded on trust & mutual respect

  • facilitates personal growth & awareness leading to conscious choice, focused action, & a meaningful rewarding life

  • empowering the client to manage their attention, hyperactivity & impulsivity in a thought provoking & creative process unique to the client.


The Basketball Metaphor 
(adapted from MCC Michael Stratford's Bicycle Metaphor, via ADDCA)

There are many important roles that one can take with a client. In other words, a client may require different types of support for the presenting concerns or goals. The following seeks to clarify those different roles by using a basketball metaphor.  ​


  • The necessary experts + identifies the problems + provides solutions

  • Studies the game plan + analyzes the science/mechanics of skills + reviews video breakdowns on every player on the court + provides post-game analysis

  • Designs workouts/activities specific to targeted skills development

  • Corrects to bring to a higher level (i.e. footwork, shooting posture, dribbling, passing)


  • Shares their personal experience/expertise of playing basketball at a high level

  • A trusted expert advisor that has been through it all + listens without judgement

  • Looks after your best interest + personal development + provides guidance so you can avoid setbacks + draw on the positives of their experience

  • Shares their experience + tells you what coaches are looking for + what tryouts were like + what college/pro basketball life is like

  • Like MJ to Kobe (having a legend in your corner)


  • Healing pain + dysfunction + conflict within an individual/relationship

  • Intervenes at point of need to help you become functional enough to play again

  • Extremely helpful + skilled to unwire baggage that may be impeding potential to play

  • Safely guides in unraveling the root of present emotional blocks/fears + utilizes appropriate techniques in bringing deep healing to past unhealed wounds

  • Discusses what your parents thought about the game + why that might be important

  • Explains why it's important for your self-esteem/psyche to learn this + be successful

Basketball/Sports Coach​

  • Similar to the mentor, the basketball coach is seen as an expert who guides/directs the behavior of individuals/teams based on their greater experience/knowledge

  • Different from the mentor, the basketball coach drives the relationship + measures your performance + helps you reach your full skills potential on/off the court

  • Focuses on behaviors that are being executed poorly/incorrectly on the court + maximizes performance + corrects skills/posture to reach player goals

  • Helps make a training plan + works on on-the-court skills + teaches how to play at a high level + inspires you to be the best player together with your team

ADHD Coach

  • An ADHD Coach stands shoulder-to-shoulder to you + is on the same team + partners with you to gain insight from your own wisdom and knowledge

  • Your knowledge and experience determines the direction

  • An ADHD coach utilizes an ADHD specific lens to collaborate with individuals in developing targeted self-awareness + a personalized game plan that the individuals comes up with + anchoring system to carry out that plan + accountability check-ins/revisions in the face of barriers/challenges

  • Listens to your desires/aspirations in playing basketball + identifies/reflects back to you your strengths/capabilities + celebrates with you

  • Will help you discover what you need to take care of yourself when/if you fall

  • When you stop, might ask about your experience + what was valuable + whether or not you want to pursue higher level basketball

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