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Welcome fellow ADHD-er (or potential ADHD-er)! Hesed ADHD offers online ADHD Coaching for College Students, Adults, and Parents. 

Are you already diagnosed, recently diagnosed, or even suspecting a diagnosis of ADHD? Then ADHD Coaching is for you! At Hesed ADHD, the client (you!) are 100% valued as a whole, capable, creatively resourceful and unique individual. 

Are you feeling stuck with that project or assignment, or the 2nd or 4th university major or career change that felt so right to start with but is now leaving you feeling burnt out and at a loss of direction? Or are you feeling like you’re at cross-roads with important decisions you never thought you had to make-- heck are you searching for the world’s most effective scheduler/planner so that life doesn’t have to be so “all over the place” and feel impossible for once?

Hesed ADHD was created by a fellow ADHD-er who has hyper-focused on all things ADHD in order to bring to you the best, most effective and evidence-based practice that unlocks those ADHD superpowers through compassion, education and empowerment! 

OT lens:




Mary is an Australian trained Occupational Therapist who is

originally from the east coast of Canada and the United States. She completed her Masters of Occupational Therapy from the University of Sydney in Australia in 2017 and has since worked with children with a variety of different diagnosis and developmental concerns in both the community and in private practice. Mary is passionate about partnering with families in helping children reach their full potential, and is particularly excited about ADHD, developmental motor/visual delays, and sensory processing difficulties. 


Mary’s lifelong joy in working with children and their families stems from her experiences in serving the youth in her church, through volunteering, and from several trips overseas at orphanages and various organizations. Having firsthand experience of neurodivergent struggles with ADHD and sensory processing difficulties, Mary is passionate about advocating for, empowering and equipping children and their families through a strengths-based, relationships-focused, trauma-informed, sensory calming and organizing approach. Due to Mary’s background in playing a variety of team and individual sports, Mary brings to her therapy sessions different elements of sport and games that will keep her clients engaged and having fun! 


Outside of work, Mary enjoys exploring the great outdoors, working on different art projects, playing basketball and bird watching with her husband. 

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a natural and familiar learning environment allows for better acquisition of skills and the building of strong family relationships

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eliminates exposure to illnesses in public spaces especially if immunocompromised

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eliminates travel needs, increasing longterm access to therapy providers, and increases effective use of time

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empowers and equips parents to be their child's advocate while
continuously supporting skills building and fostering independence in their child 

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