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Chayah Occupational Therapy provides 100% online occupational therapy services for children with or without a diagnosis.


We are experienced in providing strengths-based therapeutic support for parents and their  children experiencing any of the following:

  • handwriting difficulties

  • developmental delay, difficulties in relating and communicating with others, learning difficulties, self-care difficulties, ASD, sensory processing disorders, intellectual disability, visual processing difficulties, auditory processing disorder, developmental coordination disorder, as well as other disorders and difficulties affecting daily functioning.

Why Mobile Occupational Therapy?

  • We strongly believe that children respond best when they are relaxed and comfortable in a more familiar and natural setting such as at home, at a local park or at school. 

  • By utilizing equipment and resources already in place in your home, at the park or at school, this can allow the parent/caregiver/teacher to continue to practice strategies in between our sessions, providing maximum benefits. 

Why Online Occupational Therapy (also known as 'Teletherapy')?

  • Secure, quality, evidence-based support in the comfort and natural setting of your own home

  • Eliminates travel fees and allows time to be used more effectively

  • Your child will be seen faster (no need for waiting lists)​​

  • Allows flexibility with parent-coaching sessions

  • Reduces the risk of face-to-face contact that could be assisting with the virus spread

  • Allows continuous intervention without the effects of shut downs

What you get

  • Strategies for parents

  • Outcomes for your child

  • A dedicated and experienced occupational therapist for your child who works within the context of your family and educational setting

  • Evidence-based direct telehealth support within the comfort of a natural home environment empowering parents to have the confidence in helping your child participate in their daily activities

How Tele-OT Works

  Step 1: Book a Free 20 Minute Phone/Video Consultation

  • Together with your Occupational Therapist, we will determine which type of services we can provide for you and your child, get to know each other better, answer any questions, and to work out if Tele-OT is appropriate for you and your child’s needs.

  • You can identify if you would like therapy to primarily be:

(1) Parent Tele-OT Consultation: Your child’s Occupational Therapist will act as a coach, providing parent support and guidance in regards to your child and their development while also presenting strategies for you to try with your child


(2) Direct Tele-OT: Through secure video sessions, your child’s Occupational Therapist will directly engage with your child to provide occupational therapy services

  Step 2: Review + Sign Service Agreement  

  • Once you and our OT have determined that our Tele-OT services are appropriate for your child’s needs, as well as the type of sessions your child would need (i.e. one-off session or ongoing support), your OT will send you a service agreement via email.​​

  Step 3: Book a 60-minute Tele-OT Initial Consultation

  • After you have signed and emailed back the service agreement, you can then go to the Online Booking page to book in your child’s first 60 minute Initial Consultation appointment. Payment will be required to be made prior to your child's first session. An invoice will be sent to you within 24 hours of your booking which can be used to make claims from the appropriate insurer.

  • Further details in regards to accessing your tele-OT appointment will be provided along with resources to be prepared.

  Step 4: Initial Consultation and Beyond

  • Comprehensive assessments usually involve using standardized and non-standardized tests to determine your child's strengths and the difficulties that they face. This usually takes 60 minutes in your child's natural environment (within the home). During the assessment, an Occupational Therapist will not only be building rapport with your child, but will also be observing: fine and gross motor development, handwriting development, posture and balance development, visual perceptual skills development, executive functioning and organizational skills, play and social skills development, any self regulation difficulties, sensory processing discrepancies, self-care skills, as well as any needs for equipment prescription. A parent questionnaire will be provided in the beginning and a one-page summary of results and plan for therapy intervention will be delivered to the parent/caretaker via e-mail. 

  • An additional formal report detailing the assessment results as well as goals for future therapy will be provided based on request. Please take note that this will incur an additional fee as formal written reports require more time to complete. 

  • Individualized therapy sessions are determined after the Initial Assessment/Consultation and will be further discussed with the parent/care taker when the summary of results and plan for therapy intervention is also provided. Therapy sessions will be held via secure video platforms. These sessions can be held weekly or fortnightly for 45 to 60 minutes depending on your child's needs. Take home activities will also be provided as needed via email.

Contact us!

Book a free 20 minute phone or video consultation to determine if AM Occupational therapy is the right service for your child.

IS Tele-OT for my child?

After determining together that tele-OT with AM Occupational Therapy is right for your child, your OT will send you a Service Agreement.

book a session

Make an online booking for a full session or ongoing sessions.

Initial Consultation & Beyond

Rest assured that details regarding set up and attending your session will be provided prior to your tele-OT appointment. A personalised plan for your child will be provided afterwards.

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