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Fog and Nature

100% Online ADHD Coaching
ccupational Therapy (OT)

Based in Vancouver, Canada,

Hesed ADHD provides compassionate, creative, and customized ADHD Coaching and OT for

Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and College Students

across Canada, the U.S. and Worldwide.

Who is ADHD Coaching/OT for?

already diagnosed, recently diagnosed, suspecting a diagnosis of ADHD, or even feeling "ADHD-ish"

tired, burnt out hearts looking for answers about their ADHD

those who have done the hard work of therapy (or in the midst of it), but need practical ADHD specific strategies to gain leverage and take action to reach goals and take charge of life

whole, capable, creative and resourceful individuals with untapped strengths and potential

those in search of real and effective strategies for their unique ADHD brain

those who want to optimize productivity, organization, motivation, and time management

What Can Clients Expect From ADHD Coaching/OT?

deeper self-understanding, awareness & appreciation of a unique and powerful brain that is capable of so much

more time to do the things you love, overall improvement in well-being and happiness

unlocking potential, finding direction, unleashing passion

greater appreciation and application of personal strengths, clarity around values and goals

increased confidence built upon accomplishments, more compassion and celebration

improved self-management & personal effectiveness, focused/ purpose driven actions

We get you and the frustrations that come with living in a world designed for non-ADHD brains. We know you were made for so much more and hold so much value that deserves to be celebrated! And that is why Hesed ADHD was created by a fellow ADHD-er who has hyper-focused on all things ADHD in order to bring to you the best, most effective and evidence-based practice that unlocks those ADHD "superpowers" through compassion, education and empowerment! 

How Does it Work?


The Initial ADHD Consultation Process

The Initial Consultation process is critical in setting the stage for real action. In the first 2-4 sessions, we will be utilizing an unique hybrid OT/Coaching process with targeted assessment tools in uncovering and understanding your amazing brain and who you are holistically, your goals and aspirations, the barriers holding you back, as well as in developing a customized roadmap to prepare for real action in step 3!


 30 minute Free Discovery Call

Book below for a complementary 30 minute discovery video call over Zoom with ADHD Coach Mary to find out more and to see if we are a good fit!


Up to 50 minutes of ADHD Coaching/OT

This is where the real action happens! You bring a goal-topic, together we will get to the heart of the issue, and you'll take that action forward-- this is where real change happens! Are you ready? Let's do this!

"I spent the last 3 years in search of direction and a career path that was my own and not my parents'. After receiving ADHD coaching with Mary, I learned so much about my own ADHD and how I can use my strengths and interest to discover my real direction. This has led to a major career shift.

- KC

Health Care Professional

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